ruy lopez berlin defense

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Sign up today to receive FREE chess guidance from a National Master. This goes back to one of the basic themes of the Ruy Lopez, the vulnerability of Black's e-pawn. No cyberstalking or malicious posting of negative or private information (doxing/doxxing) of members. After white grabs the e5 pawn black pushes c6 attacking the bishop and preparing the forking check on the King and Knight. Play might continue with 4…Bc5 5. c3 0-0 6. This is because white often wants to play an early c2-c3 and d2-d4, fighting for a central space advantage. After 4…Ne7. Qg1 Nf4 28. e6 fxe6 29. Open Ruy Lopez (5 ... Nxe4) Berlin Defence (3 ... Nf6 and 4.Nxe4) Averbakh Variation (6 ... d6) Video running time: 5 hours 52 min (English) Database with Caruana’s games in the Ruy Lopez. So I will now be more specific, and hopefully you would still be able to help. Qxd8+ Kxd8. King’s Pawn Opening. Still, I think 4. Because of this, white often reacts to …Nf6 by simply castling. Rxh3 e2 75. Rd5 Kc7 83. Nxe5, instead of the more customary 7. ed. Re4+ Kd6 80. Bxc6 dxc6 6. Kd6 Kb7 87. Rc7 Rd4 46. This leads to a favorable version of the Ruy Lopez tense center. The Ruy Lopez is such a classic opening that never gets old. Qh5 Rg5 28. do not necessarily represent the views of, its employees, or sponsors. Be3 Nxd4 13. Rxb5 Kxf6 54. b4 axb3 55. a4 Kf5 56. a5 Bc6 57. Since Black dare not play 6...Nxe4 7.Re1 as the open e-file will be deadly, he has simply lost a pawn. Ruy López Opening: Berlin Defense - Chess Openings - The Berlin Defense is a natural, classical way of meeting the Ruy Lopez. Rc3 Kh8 40. Beating the Berlin Defence. Rd4 g5 25. Nc4 Bxc1 15. O‑O Bd6 7. d4 Bg4 8. Since White hasn't castled he doesn't have the Re1 idea ready, so if he plays 5.Nxe5 Black can safely play the standard counter 5...Qd4 regaining the pawn. Rxc7 Bxc1 44. Ke6 Kc7 85. Anticipating that The Berlin Defense to the Ruy Lopez (a.k.a. Rb6 Bd5 62. Nf3 Nc6 3. I once beat a 2100 player (when I was below 1900 myself) with a game that started from the Berlin, 4. Kxh6 Ke6 59. g5 Kd5 60. g6 Kxc5 61. g7 Kc4 62. g8=Q+ Kc3 63. After 6…Nd6 6. Qb3 Bxf3 17. Kh5 Kg7 57. f6+ Kxf6 58. As I didn't know the theory, my idea was simply to get my Q to f3, play c3 and enjoy a space advantage on the K-side. Fabiano Caruana: Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol. It's only a matter of time. It felt amazing! Bg5 h6 10. Ra6 Kc8 91. I'm very glad that Here are some experimental games. Qxh4 h6 40. In this case you develop pieces quickly. Rad1 cxd4 19. cxd4 f6 20. d5 Kh7 21. When playing the Berlin Defence, black must keep in mind the threat on his c6 Knight. Rather than playing d4, white attacks the knight with his rook right away. Rb5 Bh1 67. Nc3 O-O 10. Ba4, ...Nf6? Nh4 Rg8 22. Nbd2 b5 12. c3 c5 13. Black can use this move to chase away the bishop Kxc6 a3 72. Bxf4 gxf4 17. d4 Rfe8 18. Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defence . Bonus: Training with ChessBase apps - Memorize the opening repertoire and play key positions against Fritz on various levels. Rd6 Bb7 65. 4 Knights has all the qualities of a typical opening that gets revived. Berlin Defense; Italian Game. White's moves are a combination of Stockfish and mine. (Berlin) approach to the Ruy Lopez and sets the stage for a deeper investigation. I'll get home, prepare a cup of tea and go carefully over the variations you prepared, and finally learn something of value :-), I'm sure that , if he saw my second post earlier, would answer along similar lines, pretty much, so thanks to you as well :-). No spamming, advertising, duplicate, or gibberish posts. himself to win an easy game. Bb5. Therefore black must soon consider a way of … Kh2 Be3 43. It is not played very often, but this defence can be considered stable as the bishop on c5 is very well … Rc1 Bc5 24. Essentially, in these lines 3...a6 just wastes a move. Kh2 Red8 26. The use of "sock puppet" accounts to circumvent disciplinary action taken by moderators, create a false impression of consensus or support, or stage conversations, is prohibited. Rxe5 Qg6 37. g4 Rfe8 38. h4 gxh4 39. 1. e4 e5 2. I still think that this variation has potential. We give a compendium of old analysis of the Berlin Defence (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 Nf6). Bh2 Nf4 16. Then it's not Berlin defence anymore. Nf3 Nc6 3. Many top-level games here have been draws, but the position is not a dead draw by any means! The Classical Defence is called sometimes Cordel Defence. Ke2 Kg4 63.

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