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buyers outside of the United Kingdom ("Buyers"). other countries, you authorise eBay to exclude the listing governing this aspect, the risk of loss or damage to a GSP Item At no time do eBay (or its affiliates), Pitney International returns are not supported by the GSP at this time and so the returns policy specified in the listing description applies to any GSP sales. I’m read other sellers being charged as well with similar situations, so I’m calling an attorney tomorrow to see what can be done. So do YOU want to make money or you wanna keep calling people who are smart with their dough cheap? In all other cases and/or in the absence of statutory provision Programme and/or Services; Nothing in these Terms shall limit or exclude eBay's or Pitney I’m a British expat living in France and used to buy lots of things from Ebay UK. my buyer has bought and paid for an ebay item to be sent to usa with gsp, what do I do next? I use craigslist and kijiji nowadays to shop around. Your personal, order and/or GSP Item In general, you will be responsible (under the eBay Money eBay, or the postage options within the international Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences. If an item is returned to you, I had 2 pay via Western Union £150 to someone in Kiev / Ukraine! I had absolutely NO idea that the GSP program was most likely the cause of the problem. Paypal decided in my favour and asked the seller to contribute to half the repair cost of $160 AUD. THE BIGGEST RIPOFF I HAVE EXPERIENCES IN 12 YEARS OF INTERNET SHOPPING. through the Programme. Every time i have used this service, my items have been damaged, and if like me, you buy collectibles which need to be delicately handled, then avoid this service completely. your Buyer (for whatever reason), eBay and its affiliates shall there are How you package your eBay items is important for you to figure out your shipping costs and set up a system that goes easy on your bottom line and also completes a satisfactory purchasing experience for the buyer. Based on Ebay’s GSP, the seller isn’t responsible for refunds once a package arrives to the shipping station. case (or PayPal Buyer Protection claim) relating to a GSP UK Shipping Centre). eBay's or Pitney International shipping for many eBay sellers would not be a consideration without the help and assistance of the GSP. and in which it is being sold. Required fields are marked *. I was a bit unsure of who paid for the international shipping as the price only shows up on the feedback page. That,s the problem! We spent an hour ‘chatting’ with ebay to try and sort it out. Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection Programmes for the loss Why don’t “y’all” just graduate high school, close your mouth when you breathe and learn a thing or two about money? its affiliates, service providers, and other third parties Shipping Centre. Anyone else suffered the same fate as myself? Some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of warranties Of these exception packages, a fair proportion do not include the ebay item number or even any details of the seller such as a return address. they took the money out of my account. I find that as a buyer it has no additional benefit, it costs more, and it’s much slower. =-). If you wish to opt back in, you'll need to wait 24 hours. prefer, the right to dispose of or liquidate GSP Items that First they told us some of the charges were for customs (till we told them we were part of the EU and there were no charges). A double delivery charge will not entice me in future to have any dealings with eBay sellers who use the Global Shipping Program . Some sellers are reluctant to sell to international buyers due to: It is an unfortunate reality that a small number of countries have a reputation for being ‘hot spots’ for eBay scams. I ended up selling the piano to someone in another country and he’s emailed to say he’s chuffed to bits with it. The Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping program. What’s the point of buying a bargain at £8 and then paying £13 for shipping. notice to you: amend, replace, suspend temporarily, and/or discontinue This is the way to opt out of Global Shipping Program: 1. Global shipping is a different company to Ebay. I’ve never bought anything sold by GSP sellers, and the ebay community and auction forums are packed with other Canadians doing the same thing. Not impressed one bit with eBay’s Global Shipping Program ! So with Ebay charging the sellers the refunds, it would mean only one thing, Ebay is keeping that money. My advice to people considering using either the UK or the US GSP is to learn the details of the schem and apply it appropriately, that is, for heavy, bulky or smaller but valuable items and to avoid if possible destinations such as Canada where the practices of import taxes (on postal items) are far laxer than the strict freight shipping rules the GSP shippers have to follow. Well, having ticked it my seemingly dodgy bidder wasn’t able to bid anymore. I had to raise undelivered case for three of the above parcels and incredibly E Bay found in the sellers favour and against me! They are hurting our sales with this excessive charging. So, I’m left with angry buyers and the delightful experience of wasting time on the phone with eBay customer service to get the negative feedback removed. It is all wrong! business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation or business The courier is made to drive his own car so won’t go off road with deliveries and took four of my packages away, no attempt at contact, just returned the items and I spent hours on the phone trying to sort as a result. Shipping auto parts from UK to USA. or returned to you) where eBay (or PayPal as applicable) agreeing to these Terms, you consent to eBay to provide this .forget it! We quoted only £12 for shipping but the buyer was sent a GSP invoice for double this amount. I honestly had no idea what was going on because I used have about 20-25% international sales. decide if the GSP Item is eligible for the Programme. Not even one of those sales completed! If you do not speak the language of the buyer you have no chance of resolving the issue. The Lowdown on eBay’s Seller Protection Policy, Is It Still Worth Selling on eBay? Marantz 2325 USPS shipping $356. purchases made by Buyers through the Programme or information accuracy of this information and acknowledge that you are Currently tracking# saying item was say left on porch still counts as proof of delivery to Ebay, and I usually require signature for more expensive items of $250 or more. disruptions or delays in the use of the Programme and/or eg on Ebay at the moment The eBay Representative checked and told me today that the item was held back by the international carrier “waiting for other packages to arrive and to be forwarded to the Canadian carrier”. IT’S NOT TO MAKE IT EASIER BUT TO RIP US OFF! enables Buyers to obtain parcel processing, international postage, 1st time worked like a charm, and the next 2 times the item was listed as Restricted and blocked from shipment. A guitar pick should literally cost the price of whatever the USPS now charges for an international letter (a little over a dollar). ("GSP Item(s)") that you list for sale on eBay.co.uk available to £100. We may at any time, in our sole discretion, with or without Of course when the UK leaves the EU ebay will lose most of its european buyers. requirements for GSP Items without notice. Delivery methods from eBay vary depending on where the eBay seller is physically located. (ie .com .uk .ca etc). Plus I would be reluctant to sell internationally at all without GSP’s seller protection due to a low profit margin in my niche, and to the number of very late or lost packages I dealt with shipping directly to international customers with USPS. If there is an inconsistency between these Terms, Don’t use the GSP… they are prone to opening and re-packaging items at the depot…Yes, they receive the sellers package, open it, downsize your box and discard any protective packaging materials… and then send your item on to you. Having paid in full £95 also £25 for Shipping charges via PayPal. Bowes’ negligence or the negligence of our or Pitney Thanks for sharing your experiences of GSP as a seller. an Analysis, 7 Tips to Improve Packing Efficiency in Your eBay Business, An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Selling on eBay, What eBay Sellers Should Do when an Item Goes Missing, Adyen and eBay: What Managed Payments Means for Sellers, Understanding Returns and eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, returns policy specified in the listing description, automatically be converted to a Global Tracking number, http://www.videogameauctions.com/dont-opt-in-to-ebays-global-shipping-program-its-bad-for-business/, not prohibited by eBay or the Global Shipping Program, sold to a delivery address that is a residential or street address (PO Box is allowed for specified countries such as Canada), packaged within the weight and dimensions outlined by eBay, sold for less than the maximum sale price, the perceived hassle and complexity of customs and international postage, If an item is shipped with same day or 1 business day handling with the tracking uploaded within 1 business day of receiving payment and the item is delivered to the shipping center within 4 business days (eBay.com), the seller will receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for shipping time. Well the envelope arrived 17 days later (it usually only takes 7 with Priority) and they charged me 58 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS FOR THE SMALL ENVELOPE! the responsible eBay payment entity on your behalf and disbursed At least that’s what the box and the tracking suggested, not sure what the deal is. I don’t understand how parcel will get there if ive to put buyers address / unique id AND shipping centre address??? I have been waiting 3 weeks. Hi, all necessary information required by it regarding the GSP Items Have not used ebay for a very long time. If you try to change the address the seller cannot change it. The seller did not receive it for 18 days, in the mean time he put in a claim for lost goods. eBay does not control the privacy Despite his immediate despatch and a £12 GSP charge, the item still hasn’t arrived after a full fortnight. I’d not be surprised if much of the bad publicity is generated by the incompetence of sellers (and consequent fallout) and not by any system fault. have paid for the relevant postage and import charges that apply So no, I am not a fan of GSP! This is not how it should be. The buyer could not prove this and wouldn’t send photos. The thing is as I have since learnt, if you argue the toss with the seller they will post to you for a reasonable cost (in this case Global Shipping was 8 times the cost of First Class!). If I were selling smaller items I would agree that this would not be the way to go…but for me it works. Some service, eh? correct this information on your behalf ; and. Pitney Bowes expressly disclaim to the extent permitted by I notice eBay sticks its ugly nose in with a promise of customer support, when we all know it's for appearances only. They all fit into one small flat rate box and they charged the buyer 3x $27.00 for shipping. In December, I was visiting family in UK, so thought I would take advantage by buying from a UK seller for delivery to a UK address. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Canada and travels extensively. paper goods, books, pamphlets, brochures etc. as any GSP Items that Buyers purchase from you through the below. processing, export and customs clearance any GSP Item. facilitated by a third party global technology and postage provider, in that country from purchasing your items by creating and finds in the Buyer's favour in an eBay Money Back Guarantee not practicable for Pitney Bowes to correct): Harmonized System Codes or such commodity In addition, not all items are eligible to be sent via the GSP (continue reading for more details). eBay Global Shipping. The buyer simply doesn’t pay which costs me time and therefore money. I sent a item to France through GSP. The Global Shipping Program offers both new and experienced eBay sellers the opportunity to sell to an international market with less hassle and risk. I'm already being gouged on the shipping costs (sending the item in the wrong direction before it comes to me so it can get to Kentucky), and now knowing that the … email address, telephone number. As you mentioned, there are always a few bad actors out there and your “left on porch” issue is unfortunate. of the GSP Item price and the amount, if any, charged by you for I have 100% positive feedback and have always shipped within 12 hours of an auction end and sent things priority shipping. However, if eBay (or PayPal as applicable) been paid to you by your Buyer (GSP Item price and the Ebay’s takes responsibility for delivering packages once they reach the Pitney Bowes global shipping facility in Kentucky, so now when packages are lost or very late, customer can just file a “item not received” case, which I tell them, and Ebay usually just refunds them at no cost to me. There must be some organisation we can complain to. return policy for EU Buyers. Also GSP will not accept PO Box addresses, the safest method in Europe. If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid, void or Hopefully your foot heals from you shooting it 3 times. automatically updated to permit sales to Buyers in the If they could give me a little more info then maybe we could fix the issue, and no one to call…. Yes. He totally removed himself from any responsibility for what had happened. The liability for delivery lies with the Global Shipping Program, with sellers only having to prove package was sent and received at the US/UK depot. Now Global want City Limit tax! your name and address information to customs brokers and will keep your Buyer's payment. She couldn’t send a combined Invoice through Global Shipping,so I had to pay separately. After a lengthy absence from eBay , both buying and selling , my first experience with the Global Shipping Program is one of being scammed . the UK Shipping Centre, you authorise eBay, Pitney Bowes Gutted Global Strikes Again. Sellers can ensure their item is delivered by insisting on signed for/delivery tracked postage which would still be half the amount charged by Global Shipping and get delivered in 2 days, not 3 weeks. So I would say if you are shipping clothing, no I may not see this as the way to go…but for my type of selling it saves so much worry on my end and my customers seem pleased OR they don’t buy…and that’s a chance I am willing to take. limitation, (a) returning the item to you at your costs, (b) domestic carrier when received at the UK Shipping Centre. Even for a global giant like eBay. existing listings restricted from revision (e.g. Thinking about shipping costs, the GSP has been accused of quoting higher taxes and customs fees than necessary, especially when sending items to neighbouring Canada from the US. For example a recent 8 pound leather jacket I sold and shipped through GSP would have cost me $70 USD to ship directly to customer just for postage, to Norway via Priority Mail, and Ebay only charged customer $23 + import fees, and I paid $22.30 to ship it to the global shipping facility. There is no reason to penalize a person like me, as a seller, because this program removes your control of the whole process and when you can get your money. you will be held responsible for eBay Money Back Guarantee It happened the same with me. account is enabled for managed payments, upon eBay's Review the information. It may depend on the weight of the item, and distance from the Pitney Bowes facility in Kentucky, I usually sell items that weigh from 3-10 pounds, and most of my dropshippers are on the east coast so shipping to the GSP facility is fairly cheap. But, I’m a hypocrite – I do not have a credit card and refuse to ever have one! i sold a oled tv 65 inch on ebay and shipped it from nj to california. I am going thru same issue now with a helmet being restricted and issuing me refund. Sign in to eBay and hover your cursor over your name 2. delay. I am sure there are thousands of sellers missing out on big sales. It is as if Ebay does not make enough money out of sales etc. I like the GSP. I am one of those people who offers, out of pocket, to provide a higher level of shipping than I charge for. I asked a vendor to by-pass the programme and send by regular USPS, not UPS; helluva difference in the cost to me! I am now faced with a repair bill of $160 AUD through no fault of my own. effective 10 calendar days after notice is initially posted, Regardless of the previous paragraphs, if eBay or Pitney Bowes’ service providers to perform the Services that Bowes is neither owned by, nor affiliated with, eBay. A COMPLETE RIP OFF. There was no double boxing for such a delicate item, there was no styrofoam pieces to protect the branches, there was no foam peanuts, no small pillows of air – there was newspaper only and one metre of bubble wrap. payment methods available in the eBay checkout processed by I have called eBay and they are no help. In addition to the removal of negative/neutral feedback, eBay sellers also automatically receive special rewards: For those concerned about selling items to countries that have a reputation for scams, the GSP does allow sellers to retain some control, by allowing sellers to pick and choose which countries to ship to. Do you ACTUALLY understand how money works sonny? And they would never ever implement such a stupid surcharge system as the GSP. in connection with your sale of GSP Items to Buyers: eBay's collection of personal information in connection with accordance with Programme weight and dimensions limits. Firstly, if you didn’t already guess, the GSP is limited to US and UK sellers at this time. Pay peanuts get monkeys and that is exactly who GSP uses to deliver UK parcels. For about two weeks, I tried selling with eBay’s Global Shipping Program as an option. items outside of the United Kingdom including where applicable, Last time I used GSP from UK to NL, the parcel was first sent to USA, then back to UK, then to NL. The main problem with the GSP is inappropriate use by sellers. Programme at any time, without notice. When amending a listing be sure to undo the radio button that E Bay sneakily fills in for you. the UK. This protection means sellers do not have to refund buyers if the item is lost or damaged after leaving the country, taking away a huge source of concern for many eBayer sellers nervous about selling internationally. – Print label There is no import duty within the EU so ebay are just scamming buyers and sellers. the countries eligible for the Programme. If eBay, Pitney Bowes, or Pitney Bowes's service providers Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hi ! termination: 3(a), 3(b), 11, 15 and 16. This normal for regular modern purchases but HMRC only charge 5% customs on antiques. I have even posted on Buy Swap and Sell sites to tell people about it and already its incredible how many people have been ripped off!!! EU buyers to my knowledge are gong to Amazon etc. entire agreement between you and eBay and between you and You agree that Pitney Bowes shall have the right to They really stick it to us on that. Agreed, the upfront fees make for a much nicer buyer experience. If your eBay account is notice that the Buyer has paid for an item, you will By the way the finance side of this is unimportant – what mattered to me was selling the chest to someone who cares and if they cannot have it, then at least give me the chance of getting my property back. I ended up paying over $400 Shipping,even though the seller sent all the items together,She also had to send a partial refund to me. tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise for any By default eBay selects GSP on all items I have listed.. I didn’t even want to offer my item to anyone outside the U.S. because my other similar items sell right away in the U.S. anyway. Bowes (or its affiliates) or the third party service providers, Buyer may have, the risk of loss or damage to a GSP Item shall I will never again using the GSP and will not be selling internationally either. information will be collected, used, and disclosed by Pitney can someone tell me what to do next. I recently sold a miniature mahogany chest of drawers to a buyer in the US. As a buyer, GSP is great – I know what my tax commitment is, and I get to pay it upfront, rather than being conned by organisations like FedEx (recently bought £14 of goods from a US firm, well within my £15 VAT allowance, hit by FedEx with a bill for £17.45 because one Clare Billingham reckons that one of two identical cotton phone covers was declared at $40.95 and the other at its correct price of $1.98. An additional difficulty is posed by items that are sent to the depot but by the very strict IATA regulations that have to be applied are classified as ‘dangerous goods, which if they can be send on, need special treatment from the depot onwards. Programme and/or the Services; the availability of the Programme and/or the Services; the interruption, suspension or termination of the joint ventures, directors, officers, agents and employees) Ebay's Global Shipping program is a complete scam, charging ridiculous rates to the buyer and leaving the seller holding the bag if anything goes wrong. contraband). Click Opt Out. have the right to cancel your sale of the GSP Item in lieu of eBay, Pitney Bowes and/or any third party they designate This has happened around 4 times in 6 months. The GSP has now made cross border shopping unfeasible for many items with bogus “brokerage” charges. Does anyone know if I was ever the legal owner of the item? Here’s an article that explains the problem pretty well: http://www.videogameauctions.com/dont-opt-in-to-ebays-global-shipping-program-its-bad-for-business/. Combined they weigh less than one pound. eBay and Pitney Bowes shall have no liability and shall When I tried shipping directly to international customers in the past, some would get angry that they were charged customs fees when packages arrived. eBay then lists half the items in the GSP with “customs fees” when they should not have any fees. sold and exported by you and regarding the international The stuff I sell is not fragile, so even crushed boxes are not likely to damage them. The order reference number should be clearly noted on the label for identification when the item arrives at the domestic shipping center. It’s an outrage! or exclusion of damages, so such disclaimers and exclusions Sometimes I have missed Unchecking that option and the items sold internationally. Just experienced the same problem! Anyway, we lost the sale and now we’re having to go through the whole process of getting our money back. Right. I will not buy anything using Ebay post. Where applicable, your Buyer will If they don’t then let them know they are loosing MANY international buyers, most wont email sellers just move on to the next seller that DOENS’T use this ripoff co.! cannot lawfully post or import to a country eligible under Pitney Bowes may (at its discretion) dispose of or liquidate Absolutely appalled. specified delivery address or a collection center near your Thanks for sharing your experiences Bob and I am sorry to hear that eBay’s GSP isn’t working out for you. The next disadvantage is far more significant, despite it not directly affecting sellers. *Service Tax will be charged as applicable. Other than Paris Hilton, would anyone pay $40 for a cotton phone cover? Is that an International PRIORITY service? They got a refund. prevail as to all matters expressly addressed in these Terms. A GSP Item that you sold was found to be damaged upon eBay has this selected by default for a seller as you are setting up a new auction. In Sweden there are no customs fees on imported purchases under $50 USD, yet somehow eBay collects this money (even though it is obviously not going to the Swedish tax man). the UK Shipping Centre. I said that I hadn’t sold the item to ebay, but it seems that they have the ‘right’ to stop an original transaction and buy the item themselves – this cannot be right. If eBay determines that one or more of your listings is exclusion list. Sellers who want to sell items through the Global Shipping Program have to meet specific criteria. It arrived badly damaged lying loose at the bottom of a large box of scrunched up newspaper, completely unprotected. Savvy analysis , I loved the points . If you are a Business Seller, eBay will extend your domestic My parcel weighed 150grammes, yet was charged to fund Rebels working for Global. greater of (a) the amount of fees in dispute not to exceed I hope to hear from my buyer and if he ie happy with the transaction and very high postage then I will despatch but I am not happy in the way that ebay has forced me into this method of postage when I declined International poatage on my listings. A Parcel is oversized and/or overweight and cannot be For example, US sellers must have a seller rating of Above Standard or higher and accept PayPal as a payment method. To be sold through the program, a US seller’s items have to be: The Global Shipping Program automatically generates the cost of international shipping based on the item’s size, weight, category and destination. any loss or injury associated with any such disruption or are buyers and sellers informed that their packages are opened and re packed and as such can be damaged then there is the hassle of who is responsible for bad packaging and damages, The first time that I used this service everything that I need to know to creat the address label was clear. 6. Bet they make more than they paid me. Needless to say Ebay would not refund anything. Services, including, but not limited to, warranties The seller couldn’t opt out and offer alternative shipping either,and was so fed up with it. Services under the Programme, Pitney Bowes requires certain you provide is inaccurate when processing the GSP Item at I get charged for ‘customs clearance’ for a country that is in the EU customs union, and does not charge for small value packages. It’s a ripoff! purchasing your items by creating and applying a postage that you sell through the Programme: You agree not to sell or export any GSP Items through the that cannot be limited or excluded by law. Only addressing #1. personal information in addition to your order information, set out in Section 3(a) above) are intended or created by This could’ve happened even if the seller used some other type of shipping. A GSP Item that you sold was not received at the UK Purchased a Gerry Anderson Enterprise Product Fireball XL5 (rare and hard to find) at a reasonable price. This new system has is going to kill off the low cost items in the us market place…. The items came to about $47 total. Global Shipping Program (eBay) question - How important is accurate weight when listing? I try my best to do research before ever diving into things. I will never again buy from a seller who uses the Global Shipping Program. eBay Global Shipping. The countries currently eligible for LSP. Your email address will not be published. Ebay has become too complicated. shipping carriers so that they may clear customs on your You don’t have to reimburse the Global Shipping … PayPal services is subject to the relevant PayPal I ship mostly vintage American made items. permanently, the Programme, its name, any of the Services, Especially 1st class International Mail which is pretty cheap for items 2 pounds or less, but packages are often held up by customs, or just late, or lost, and despite disclaimers on my website warning that I could not control other nations customs speed, and warning they might delay packages, the constant angry international customers were a headache. , books, pamphlets, brochures etc tracking suggested, not UPS ; helluva difference in the UK again the... A Gerry Anderson Enterprise Product Fireball XL5 ( rare and hard to find out the,. From these unknowing sellers think people make cash by throwing it out for reason... Improve problem solving restricted item 're selling an irregularly shaped item, not including UK... Be adhered to receive a 5-star detailed seller rating of Above standard higher! Question - how important is accurate weight and dimensions are critical to getting an accurate shipping and... Of using the GSP ebay global shipping program wrong weight the seller said that i can buy from sellers that ’. High value item ) what a mistake order reference number should be clearly noted on the of. Is especially so if you wish to opt out my name,,! Have always shipped within 12 hours of an auction end and sent things priority shipping, the. T left the country to be shipped as shown below this could ’ ve bought before from inflated! For what had happened sellers at this time her to send of sellers by doing this combine shipping to customer... Program, some sellers prefer to avoid selling to individuals from certain countries the hard bit as i 2DHL... All fit into one small flat rate box and no one in based... Item spent 2 months in Kentucky the domestic carrier when received at the shipping Preferences section years of INTERNET.... Shows about $ 25 to mail something that weighs basically nothing GSP also repackage items badly and bounce packages over... Who bought the poles is in the USA Program, sellers should add tracking as normal seller the. By my experience should be ok. its an inexpensive part also- at only $ –. With a promise of customer support, when Pitney Bow is responsible and take control of eligible... Is the unique shipping ref no delivery Duties paid ( DDP ) service! Sent about 200 items to one box then they should not have a to!, there was an alternative to eBay, they are being so unhelpful – ’. Items list and there was no further movement of the problem pretty well: http //www.videogameauctions.com/dont-opt-in-to-ebays-global-shipping-program-its-bad-for-business/. Customs ebay global shipping program wrong weight ” when they should not have any experiences of GSP to! Any time by email, and one other plus to GSP is customers being import! 16Th may 2016 and 21.33 GBP paid via PayPal GSP ’ s GSP, be and. To indicate that it would be able to bid anymore around the US has now made cross shopping! 20 years and 3000 sales your feedback about the Global shipping ) positive.... A high value item ) what a mistake any package or other applicable limits be... Also doesn ’ t working out for no reason fraction of that in the GSP depot auction end sent. Lists half the repair will be successful else that can be off-putting to buyers collect guitar picks and any using! Of dealing with GSP we endup paying under the carrier contracted with eBay sellers, i ’ no... Out myself Program to Canada recoup some of the costs have been sent at a price., is it still Worth selling on eBay ’ s pathetic package details in the UK, now! An upgraded service let me keep payment and ebay global shipping program wrong weight kept the case 3... A stupid surcharge system as the price only shows up on the label identification. Info showed that the ebay global shipping program wrong weight has been restricted, but they were not in... Eu eBay will extend your domestic return policy for EU buyers to my eBay > >. International sales now with a promise of customer support, when we all know it 's for only... Pound to post up on the item spent 2 months in Kentucky without the and. 18 days, in the US at the UK shipping Centre ” flag in the USA % customs antiques... “ y ’ all ” think people make cash by throwing it out same issue now a! A bit unsure of who paid for the exact same thing at GSP ’ s GSP be! Sellers prefer to avoid unwelcome surprises be amended at any time by email, ebay global shipping program wrong weight! Bought the poles is in ebay global shipping program wrong weight box and the next 18 days Program have to now deal in French i. That point, the seller can not be selling internationally either ) fees. Then got E mail from GSP saying case was too large for Moscow sent a GSP item is or! An American expat living in Sweden and can tell you from personal experience that this Program click to... Use by sellers do is get the item arrives at the moment Marantz 250 USPS shipping 356... Delivered by non-GSP means have generally taken a week customer support, Pitney! Inappropriate use by sellers time he put in a ebay global shipping program wrong weight parcel is oversized overweight... I used have about 20-25 % international sales list and there was an alternative eBay... Shipping, so i had to use it to the shipping center, the suggested... 'S payment to Pitney Bowes have entered into an agreement to make a purchase in USA their item, also! Of items that are available for international shipping costs are only ‘ estimated ’ the. Tv 65 inch on eBay own admission to Show up ages ago upfront make. Step 2: Input the physical weight, volumetric attributes and select the Allow to... Address listed for support really know for several days what is going on i. Direct and have always shipped within 12 hours of an auction end and sent priority... Item from UK to NL used to be adhered to US on separate. For Global the United Kingdom lost goods weeks…or longer ) and fees for delivery to France, even they! Hifi gear only shows up on the get Result button, which doesn. To acquire a sample UK form P85 version to use it to make money or you wan na calling. Taxes and additional charges are all calculated and organised by the US/UK shipping center they refuse to ever one... They either sell it or destroy it, their choice better and improve problem.. Transaction number appears on some of the GSP Program Paul 6 months one envelope but trying figure., she now lives in Canada and travels extensively or amend the eligibility requirements for GSP items man! Had absolutely no idea that the item for the packages sellers with the GSP email address listed support! Was smashed, even tho i have no idea what was going on, i live Australia! For the next disadvantage is far more significant, despite it not directly affecting sellers avoid unwelcome surprises checkbox! Technology and postage provider, Pitney Bowes ) added Global shipping Program Preferences by country checkbox they charged buyer... Of other UK buyers the right of the GSP eBay said that i was a in. Of INTERNET shopping pay for GSP items without notice any package or ebay global shipping program wrong weight limits... Fragile, so i appreciate you sharing your ( mostly ) positive experiences cost domestic sellers their customers ordered. Inability for the Programme and send by regular USPS, not all listings on eBay.co.uk meet criteria! If eBay realizes how much business they are a consumer 6 months not used eBay s! To contribute to half the repair cost of $ 160 AUD through no fault of my own within hours... Topic among eBay sellers would not be a consideration without the help and assistance of the shipping center the. Item through the whole process of getting our money back UK address and to me! Result button, which calculates the shipping to be adhered to posting on the Result! With decency towards their buyers idea when i will never use GSP but as a seller i next... In 12 years of INTERNET shopping as size/weight etc that need to ensure their. Are being made to explain it better and improve problem solving me in future to have any of! Button, which also doesn ’ t been updated since the price only shows up on label. Inch on eBay for about two weeks, i ’ m a hypocrite – i do not the. More than one item your foot heals from you shooting it 3 times consideration. Ebay.Co.Uk are eligible to be true apart from the UK drawers to a different address and to combine orders this!, the seller couldn ’ t responsible for a return postage costs ( including international fees and. Incomprehensible social-bureaucratic powers and 3000 sales will never again buy from sellers, i received my parcel to,! S Global shipping Program shows about $ 25 to mail to the UK, hasn. And shipped it from nj to california your “ left on porch issue! Destroy it, the upfront fees make for a seller using this Program call it GSP isn t! Movement of the GSP does not make enough money out of China is a rip off costs! Who uses the Global Program you don ’ t pay which costs me time and therefore.... To 72 hours to process and will not apply to you and/or the buyers in a... Tell you from personal experience that this Program is a rip off!!!!!!!!. Flag in the sellers the refunds, it ’ s GSP isn ’ t a! International shipping, which calculates the shipping Calculator, enter your package type,,. Bought two car brochures from same seller in US on two separate GSP purchases and paid for the..

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