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EST. 1999

The Old Cowhouse

We are a small family owned business surrounded by amazing nature and landscape. You are welcome to visit our restaurant that offers fresh local ingredients or stay at our lovely guesthouse.

EST. 1999

The Old Cowhouse

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We are a small family owned business surrounded by amazing nature and landscape. You are welcome to visit our restaurant that offers fresh local ingredients or stay at our lovely guesthouse.

About Us

Enjoy a Luxury Experience

Gamla fjósið or the Old Cowhouse is located on the farm Hvassafell in south Iceland, just beneath the famous volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajökull.

It is a warm and welcoming family restaurant. All our meat is 100% free range and unprocessed. Salads are made with fresh vegetables from the garden and homemade bread every day.

Gamla Fjósið Restaurant

Menu & Book

Light Courses

  • Bread basket

    Homemade bread with homemade mint and chilli jam.

    Kr. 1.640
  • Soup

    Soup of the day and homemade bread.

    Kr. 2.190


All the burgers are 100% high quality from the butcher “Villt og alia” and come with salad and french fries.

All burgers and sandwiches have a vegetarian option.

  • Volcano soup:

    Powerful hearty meat soup with beef and vegetables.

    Kr. 3.490
  • Country burger:

    140gr. hamburger, cheese, salad, tomato, cucumber, and hamburger sauce.

    Kr. 3.490
  • Farmer's burger:

    140gr. hamburger, fried onions, fried mushrooms and bearnaise sauce.

    Kr. 3.790
  • Portobello burger:

    140gr. hamburger, fried portobello mushroom, walnut. pickled onion, chilli jam, rucola and blue cheese sauce.

    Kr. 3.990
  • Steinar-Steak sandwich:

    Homemade bread, sliced beef, fried onions, fried mushrooms and bearnaise sauce.

    Kr. 3.890
  • Tenderloin:

    200gr. high quality steak, with potatoes, vegetables and cheese- pepper sauce.

    Kr. 7.890

Please let us know if you have any allergies! Gamla fjósið


  • Coconut and curry vegs:

    Fried vegetables in coconut-curry sauce, with barley and homemade bread.

    Kr. 3.990
  • Salad:

    The freshest salad in the kitchen with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, melon, soy roasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and feta cheese.

    Kr. 3.190
  • With beef:
    Kr. 4.290
  • With chickpeas:
    Kr. 3.690


  • The Icelandic cod:

    Oven-baked cod fillet with fried vegetables, potatoes and Icelandic butter, which is the best butter in the world !!

    Kr. 5.190


  • Cake of the day:

    Homemade cake with whipped cream.

    Kr. 1.490
  • Eyjafjalla-skyr:

    Skyr with cinnamon biscuits and rhubarb sauce.

    Kr. 2.190
  • Date cake:

    Delicious date cake with warm caramel sauce and whipped cream.

    Kr. 2.390

Fish of the day served with fried vegetables, potatoes and melted butter

Light Courses

  • Toppur / Sparkling water
    Kr. 450
  • Toppur lime og sítrónu / With lime and lemon
    Kr. 450
  • Kók / Coke
    Kr. 450
  • Kók zero / Coke Zero
    Kr. 450
  • Sprite
    Kr. 450
  • Fanta
    Kr. 450
  • Bóndi 0% alk./ Bóndi alc. free beer
    Kr. 450
  • Eplasafi / Apple juice
    Kr. 450
  • Appelsínusafi / Orange juice
    Kr. 450

Heitir drykkir/ Hot Drinks

  • Kaffi, te/ Coffe, tea
    Kr. 450
  • Heitt súkkulaði/ Hot chocolate

kokteilar / cocktails

  • Aperol spritz / Aperol, prosecco, sparkling water
    Kr. 2.790
  • VES / Vodka ginger & lime
    Kr. 1,890
  • LOV / Vodka &lemonade
    Kr. 1.890
  • G&G / Gin and grabbed
    Kr. 1.890
  • Einfaldur í gosi / Vodka/gin in soda
    Kr. 2.390
  • Tvöfaldur í gosi / Double vodka/gin in soda
    Kr. 3.890

Bjór / Beer

  • Víking bjór / Lager beer
    Kr. 1.290
  • Víking lite / Gluten free beer
    Kr. 1,190
  • Víking lite Lime/ Glutenfri beer whit test of lime
    Kr. 1,190
  • Einstök rosted porter/ Porter beer
    Kr. 1.390
  • Einstök white ale/ White ale beer
    Kr. 1.490

Vín / wine

Hvítvín / White wine

  • Villa Lucia/ Pinot grigio - Ítalía
    Kr. 1.990 - 6.790
  • Faustino Chardonnay - Spánn
    Kr. 2,190 - 7.390

Rauðvín / Red wine

  • Villa Lucia/ Chianti - Ítalía
    Kr. 1.990 - 6.790
  • Faustino/ Crianza - Spánn
    Kr. 2.190 - 7.390
  • Prosecco Small bottle
    Kr. 2.500 - 6.490

Visky / Koníak

  • Visky / Whiskey Grant's
    Kr. 1.790
  • Visky / Whiskey Tullamore Dew
    Kr. 1,890
  • Koníak / Cognac Hennessy V.S.O.P
    Kr. 2.090
  • Koníak / Cognac Camus XO
    Kr. 3,790

Fyrir 12 ára og yngri

  • Grjónagrautur / Rice Porridge

    Ekta íslenskur grjónagrjónagrautur og lifrapylsa Traditional Icelandic rice porridge and haggis

    Kr. 1.290
  • Eldfjallasúpa / Volcano Soup

    Kröftug, sterk gúllassúpa. PRÓFAÐU EF ÞÚ ÞORIR!!! Powerfull hot soup. TRY IF YOU DARE!!

    Kr. 1.290
  • Barnaborgari / Kids Burger

    Hamborgari með frönskum og uppáhaldi kusu gömlu Hamburger with fries and the old cow’s favorite

    Kr. 1.290
  • Grilluð samloka / Grilled Sandwich

    Grilluð samloka með skinku og osti borin fram með frönskum Grilled sandwich with ham and cheese served with fries

    Kr. 1.290
  • Hópmatseðill 1

    *Við mælum með þessum

    Eldfjallasúpa: Matarmikil bragðsterk gúllassúpa með nautakjöti og grænmeti.

    Steina-steikarloka: Nautakjötsþynnur med steiktum lauk og sveppum, heimabökuðu brauð, fersku grænmeti, frönskum og bernais-sósu.

    Döðlukaka: Dýryndis döðlukaka með rjóma og heitri karamellusósu.

    Kr. 7.250
  • Hópmatseðill 3

    Brauðkarfa: Heimabakað brauð með mintu sultu og chilli sultu .

    Fiskur dagsins: borin fram með steiktu grænmeti og kartöflum og sósu.

    Skyrkaka: Skyr med kanelkexi og kissuberjahlaup.

    Kr. 7.920
  • Hópmatseðill 2

    Súpa: Súpa dagsins með heimabökuðu brauði.

    Sveitaborgari: 140gr. hamborgari með grænmeti, osti, hamborgarasósu og frönskum kartöflum

    Kakadagsins: Heimabökuð kaka með rjóma.

    Kr. 5.380
  • Hopmatsedill 4

    Eldfjallasúpa: Matarmikil bragðsterk gúllassúpa með nautakjöti og grænmeti

    Nautalund: 200 gr. nautakjöt með smjörsteiktum kartöf plum, grænmeti og piparsósu.”

    Döðlukaka: Dýryndis döðlukaka með rjóma og heitri karamellusósu.

    Kr. 1.1.210
  • Granmetis hópmatseðill

    Salat: Ferskasta salat me tómötum, agúrku, rauðlauk, melónu, sólblómafræjum og fetaosti.

    Grænmetisréttur: Steikt grænmeti í kókos karrýsósu með byggi og heimabökuðu brauði.

    Döðlukaka: Dyryndis döðlukaka með rjóma og karamellusósu.

    *Þessi matseðill getur verið vegan

    Kr. 7.580

Hello - We are not taking orders in June and July. But our service is fast and the wait for a table is usually very short if it happens.

You are therefore welcome to stop by at any time.

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What Customer Says

Bailey V
Bailey V
Outstanding food, great service, reasonable prices and a wonderful atmosphere. I had the fish of the day, which was delicious. We were so happy to find this spot after a long hike, I highly recommend it!
Patrick Reed
Patrick Reed
I had the cauliflower soup which was pretty good after adding some pepper and then the fish of the day with veggies, all of which was very well seasoned and tasty.
L. O.
L. O.
All the positive reviews are accurate. Gem of a spot for casual, delicious, fresh meal. Soup and bread, burgers and steak sandwich - all so good!
Suad Karam
Suad Karam
Nice restaurant and tasty food. I highly recommend it.
Ana Carmem Maranhao
Ana Carmem Maranhao
O local é bastante aconchegante...parece casa de vó. Parece ser um negócio familiar. A sopa era boa ...mas eu já tomei melhores. As pessoas são agradáveis e muito solicitas. Recomendo.
Katryna DaCosta
Katryna DaCosta
Definitely stop here for the steak sandwich and fries. The meat is amazing quality and they nailed the whole sandwich! Fries were also great. My boyfriend got the cod and it was nice and fresh, but the steak sandwich stole the show!

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