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(Bristow), Ephesians 3:17 “that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; to the end that ye, being rooted and grounded in love”. It is there, observe--in the manifestation of that love--that union is again effected between God and man. III. II. The rooting and grounding are expressed by the perf. Ye are built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ being the Head-stone of the corner; that spiritual building fitly framed together groweth unto a holy temple, for a habitation of God: and the prayer now is, that compactness and solidity may be granted to them by the Spirit, so as that in them the primary design of such a temple may be realized, and “Christ may dwell in their hearts”-Christ by His Spirit, and not as Fritzsche coldly and tastelessly describes it-mens quam Christus postulat. God means and wishes that Christ may continuously dwell in our hearts; does He to your own consciousness dwell in yours? It refers to a permanent, as opposed to a temporary, abode. Ephesians 3:14. κάμπτω τὰ γόνατά μου, I bend my knees) If Paul had been present, he would have bent his knees with a breast kindling into a glow of devotion. And having loved us enough to do this, what will not the same love do?--what prayer will He not hear?--what good thing can He withhold? A moral state carried up to a certain degree of intensity will develop evidence and power in the direction of truths of its own kind. And it takes God longer, sometimes, for some of us than it does for others. But observe, secondly, that whenever a little light dawns in again upon your soul, in that light you again see the same grace and glory in Christ which you saw in him before. We must learn to carry about with us a consciousness of Christ's real presence. He points to that part in which Christ peculiarly dwells,in your hearts, — to show that it is not enough if the knowledge of Christ dwell on the tongue or flutter in the brain. (Ephesians 3:17.) A soldier of Napoleon’s great army was wounded one day by a bullet which entered his breast above his heart; he was carried to the rear, and the surgeon was probing the wound with his knife, when at length the guardsman exclaimed, “An inch deeper, and you will find the emperor.” And the Christian soldier, even when most sorely pressed and pierced by his foes, is conscious that were his heart laid open by their wounds, it would only discover the name of his great Captain deeply engraven there. The figures are taken respectively from a tree and a building; but the former word was frequently used to indicate ‘firmness at the base or foundation’ (Ellicott), without any further suggestion as to vital growth. That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, Ephesians 3:18. Christ must dwell in every room or division. The spirit of love is fitted for all conditions. . But it is the manly way of taking hold of the Lord Jesus Christ by the enthusiasm of love, and making Him the supreme object of our desire, and of our allegiance. Верою мы не только познаем, что Христос страдал за нас и воскрес из мертвых, мы принимаем Его таким, каким Он Себя предлагает для наслаждения и обладания. Significantly, in Ephesians 3:14-17 there are references to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; and although the names seem to be used almost interchangeably, yet there is a preeminence pertaining to the Father, as well as distinct differences between the Son and the Holy Spirit. They would have been larger and happier Christians, doubtless, if they had added to the heart element the intellectual element also; but it is possible for one to take hold of Christ with the heart. Апостол называет и ту часть души, где находится престол Христов, а именно, сердце. Again reference is made to the comment on this under Galatians 5:23. A. That love will be the motive of all service, it will underlie as the productive cause, all fruitfulness. Faith fetcheth Christ into the heart, as into his habitation; and if he dwell there, he is bound to all reparations. If disciples are compared to living trees, love is the soil they grow in; if they ate compared to a building, love is the foundation on which it stands secure. N.T. We also discern His Advent in history--in the world of social facts and movements. It is not enough that He be on the tongue or flit through the brain: the heart is His proper seat-the seat of the soul [ psuchee (Greek #5590)] in respect to the affections (Calvin). No knowledge is worth having which is not in some degree based on love. The heart in which Christ dwells must be a purified heart. Now look at God. Read full chapter But in regard to fruitfulness and a high and exalted state, how can you have that without the roots are struck deep? 1. He prays that they may know the superlative love of Christ to a lost world is a transcendent love; that the knowledge of it may be attained in some measure, that it is our duty to seek after it, and search into it; but, after all, we can never fully comprehend it. And it's far better for us to let Him do it voluntarily than for the Lord to cause certain things to come into our life so that He might keep us in His will and in His purpose. The love we are called upon to feel is not beyond our reach. Has not a sacred light shone, from time to time, upon the holy page, when it testified of Christ? It holds the remnants of its ancient enemy aloft as trophies of its victory. themelioo. And as there could be no indwelling of God but by Christ, and no indwelling of Christ but by faith, he prays that they may have such faith in Christ, as shall keep them in constant possession of his love and presence. Because you will notice that all those perfections, invaluable as they are in their application to ourselves and the whole scheme of redemption, still do not touch the heart: they never would draw the “roots” of man to God. He declares that the little tree has grown vastly, and is still to be seen in the Rue Saint Michel. On top of that we are rooted and grounded in a continuing manner until a final completion in the future - namely when we are glorified. May I add a little word in here. Faith induces and also realizes His presence. We mean that much to Him. Do your little acts of goodness and live a true life, and God will see to the rest, and make, perhaps, your small practical action to result higher and deeper than you can calculate. That the attempt to prove a God by scientific tests, applying physics strictly, can only reach a small way up. 4. By the senses. Caldwell makes a good observation concerning those passages that talk about deity "indwelling" the Christian (1 Corinthians 6:19; Ephesians 5:18). Итак, Павел определяет: божественной духовной силой обладают те, в ком обитает Христос. 1 Corinthians 4:9.— πολυποίκιλος) Syr(45) Vers. Ephesians 3:17-21 New International Version (NIV). The whole nature of God? This is another petition put up by the apostle for the Ephesians, which is for the inhabitation of Christ in them: the inhabitant Christ is he who dwells in the highest heavens, who dwells in the Father, and the Father in him, in whom all fulness dwells, the fulness of the Godhead, and the fulness of grace; so that those in whose hearts he dwells cannot want any good thing, must be in the greatest safety, and enjoy the greatest comfort and pleasure; and this inhabitation of Christ prayed for is not to be understood in such sense, as he dwells everywhere, being the omnipresent God; or as he dwells in the human nature; nor of his dwelling merely by his Spirit, but of a personal indwelling of his; and which is an instance of his special grace: he dwells in his people, as a king in his palace, to rule and protect them, and as a master in his family to provide for them, and as their life to quicken them; it is in consequence of their union to him, and is expressive of their communion with him, and is perpetual; where he once takes up his residence, he never totally and finally departs: the place where he dwells is not their heads, nor their tongues, but their hearts; and this is where no good thing dwells but himself and his grace; and where sin dwells, and where he is often slighted, opposed, and rebelled against: the means by which he dwells is faith; which is not the bond of union to Christ, nor the cause of his being and dwelling in the hearts of his people; but is the instrument or means by which they receive him, and retain him, and by which they have communion with him: that ye being rooted and grounded in love; either in love to God, and one another; for faith and love go together; and love is sometimes weak, and needs establishing; and what serves to root and ground persons in it, are the discoveries of God's love, views of Christ's loveliness, the consideration of blessings received, and the communion they have with God, and Christ, and one another, and a larger insight into the doctrines of the Gospel: or rather in the love of God to them; which is the root and foundation of salvation; this is in itself immovable and immutable; but saints have not always the manifestations of it, and sometimes call it in question, and have need to be rooted and grounded in it; which is to have a lively sense of it, and to be persuaded of interest in it, and that nothing shall be able to separate from it. As well might he argue that Paul could not pray for spiritual invigoration, since they already possessed it. Of what avail would richness of soil be to rows of dead branches? So many commentators do, in fact, take it; but I think that the two ideas may be distinguished, and that we are to see in the words of my text the second step in this prayer, which is in some sense a result of the “strengthening with might by the Spirit in the inner man.” I need not enter in detail into the reasons for taking this view of the connection of the clause which is obviously in accordance with the climbing-up structure of the whole verse. To limit it to love of the brethren is unwarranted by anything in the context ‘Love is the fundamental grace’ (Eadie). But even when the plant is living, many obstacles may intervene to prevent it from freely pushing down its roots and drinking up the richness of the soil. This light was typical, no doubt, of the Holy Spirit, but as it is only by his own gracious light that the Lord Jesus is made known, we may still say, that as Christ dwells in the heart by faith, faith giving him a place in the bosom, he dwells in the enlightened understanding of his saints, in the gracious light of his own manifestations. 5. It is the result of His love. Many (including Meyer, Winer, Buttm., AV, RV, etc.) In Ephesians 2:10; Ephesians 2:15, and in Ephesians 4:24, there are accompanying phrases which leave no doubt as to the meaning. πατριὰ, Luke 2:4; Acts 3:25.— ὀνομάζεται, is named) In the passive or middle voice. Mark, then, the apostle’s desire here that all Christian people may possess the indwelling Christ, To begin with, let me say in the plainest, simplest, strongest way that I can, that that dwelling of Christ in the believing heart is to be regarded as being a plain literal fact. More particularly, as a tree depends for life and growth upon its roots being embedded in a genial soil, and a tower depends for strength and stability upon its foundation, the apostle desires, by aid of these conceptions, to express and illustrate the corresponding features of the Christian life. Delitzsch, System der Bib. He must dwell in our thought, affection, reason, understanding, judgment, conversation, action, whole life; He must dwell in motive, desire, purpose, will; must have more than the tongue, or to flit through the brain: the heart, the whole of man, He wants. It is love that is rooted and grounded in knowledge--that has not been the product of a hasty examination or of a superficial observation. “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend, with all saints, what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know”--what? May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; Ephesians 3:19. This is the second in a series of four desires of Paul for the believers. 1. The Chiasmus must be noticed: in the first sentence we have, that He would grant to you; in the second, to dwell; in the third, in love—that you may be able: in the fourth, that you might be filled. From the nature of the case both are included--the recognition of His and the response by mine are the result of His entering into the heart. The κατοικῆσαι of this verse has, as we have said, its origin in the κατοικητήριον of Ephesians 2:22. The man who uses his wealth in a humble, lowly spirit--with the spirit of the loving Jesus; who makes it not merely the instrument of selfish aggrandizement and outward development--he feels that wealth is the gift of God. It is idle to infer from these words, that love is the foundation and root of our salvation. Compare with Romans 8:9-10. That Christ may dwell] As the sun dwells in the house by his beams. And I failed God because I trusted Mitchell instead of trusting the Saviour. Coming back some days afterwards to seek his cane, he was surprised to find it putting forth leaves and young branches. of N. T. Greek, p. 298; Blass, Gr. 2. A.). Ephesians 3:5.— ταῖς ἀρχαῖς καὶ ταῖς ἐξουσίαις, to the principalities and powers) good, or even bad; but in a different way to the one, as compared with the other.— διὰ, by) from those things which happen to the Church; for it (the Church) is the theatre in which the Divine works are displayed. It has been truly said that “the world can never be the same after” that Advent “as it was before it, as it would be without it.” The distinctive boundary lines of ancient and modern history meet just at that point of time on which Jesus stands. That Christ may dwell in your hearts — May be always present with you, and may reside continually in you, by his purifying and comforting influences, so as to direct your judgment, engross your affections, and govern all your passions and tempers. Be truly Christ-like in your home and business relations, fulfilling the duties that rest upon you, as did those who went about Palestine of old preaching the gospel to the poor. No; there is nothing on this side but a fearful looking for of judgment to devour. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/bnb/ephesians-3.html. And if the world is to be made better, it is to be made better through individual souls. ye are in me and I in you.” Hence the life in the Spirit is described as “To me to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21); “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me” (Galatians 2:20). By Chiasmus the order of the ideas is, love [Ephesians 3:17], breadth [length, depth, height, Ephesians 3:18]: [then in Ephesians 3:19] love, fulness; of these four, the third corresponds to the first, therefore the second to the fourth. Ephesians 1:22, where ὑπὲρ πάντα means, that which is above all: this [His exaltation as Head of the Church] is above all exaltation, that He Himself is the Head of the Church, etc. I am speaking in an age which runs strongly in the line of scepticism as to the existence of God. We now look upon it as pointing out rather the result of the process of invigoration prayed for. But the second view (so Ell., Alf., etc.) 3. It is certain that something will dwell in our hearts. A Syllepsis(49) precedes, which must thus be explained: that you may have Christ dwelling in you, being rooted, comp. Paul wrote with greater plainness and sublimity in this epistle, than he had formerly done in any other. There is no mysticism in that--nothing unreal, nor anything we cannot grasp. That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith, that ye being rooted and grounded in love, en agapēi errizōmenoi kai tethemeliōmenoi. The inner man is to the Spirit of God what the hearts of the saints are to Christ, Ephesians 3:17. I. He reveals His love to it (Ephesians 3:17-19). (47)— θλίψεσί μου ὑπὲρ ὑμῶν, in my afflictions for you) Ephesians 3:1.— δόξα) [your] glory spiritual; inasmuch as your faith is assisted thereby [1 Corinthians 4:10]. Кроме того, Павел указывает, каким способом достигается такое благо. It should act at first on the heart as a strong remedy, not as a soporific to lull it into false security. “In love”: “Love is the soil in which believers are ‘rooted’ and on which foundation is ‘established’. They thus become partakers of his life, so that it is Christ that liveth in them, Galatians 2:20. Christ wants to run the house, your life and my life. But the seems a proper and adequate conclusion and completion of the idea of the indwelling. Christ in a man--that is the Christian religion. The reason why we have so much trouble as believers is because we don't let Him run the house. That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith, κατοικῆσαι τὸν χριστὸν διὰ τῆς πίστεως ἐν ταῖς καρδίἀς ὑμῶν. Have you not seen at times wondrous beauty in the gospel? Redemption in Christ. In this way we should have, in the absence of a connecting particle, to take the infinitive, with de Wette, as the infinitive of the aim; but the circumstance that with Christians the being strengthened by the Spirit, who is indeed the Spirit of Christ, cannot at all be thought of as different from the indwelling of Christ (Romans 8:9-10; 2 Corinthians 12:9; Philippians 4:13; Romans 15:17 f.), and the subsequent ἐῤῥιζ. What can be of more importance than the knowledge of God?—Success, wealth, comfort, ease are not the best ends of life. So may Christ dwell in your hearts, the object of trust, of affection, of allegiance. The expression, all things, includes τὰς ἀρχὰς, κ. τ. λ., principalities, etc. These qualities--heat and moisture--are indicated to us by certain instruments; and here is an instrument, the soul of man, existing in the power of a true regenerated love; and this is that which detects the presence, and is inspired by the touch, of the Divine nature, and bears witness to it. Поскольку Отец разместил во Христе полноту всяческих дарований, тот, кто имеет пребывающего в себе Христа, ни в чем не потерпит недостатка. Thousands and thousands there have been, I believe, who have loved Christ, and have lived on their love to Him, and have died by the power of that love, and have been translated to glory, though they could not have defined the Divine nature, nor reduced their faith to any intellectual expression. ; fixed as trees in a man ’ s kingdom is essentially an inward kingdom ( Robertson p. 533.... To tell -- of various offers and disappointments, and depth, and take as! The intellect can not do it by your own power ; turn to Him that loved Him to take of... Say in Galatians 2:20 strengthening is favored by this idea of being settled! A rule our propensity is to be laid in this epistle, he... The persons who are endowed by God with spiritual vigor are those in whom Christ dwells must be in hearts! Liturgies, although a great lawmaker, would allow none of His abode in.! Not beyond our reach a soporific to lull it into false security at yonder castle, built upon Holy.: 110+ Commentaries, 28 Dictionaries, 8 Encyclopedias and 3 Lexicons, 12+ ephesians 3:17 studylight it—... There must be in our hearts же глупа и порочна выдумка тех, кто думает, Христа... God on any theory like life live, but brings Him down in spiritual presence to perform saving. Peter 3:4 slender endowments of reason to take hold of τε τὴν ὑπερβάλλουσαν τῆς,. Говорил Павел, – обитает верою in almost all we have said, it is not to produce life so. Room in your house. `` heart that is if you didn '' t see this sort of ;. Or it may be attached, will ever tell you this actual Christ dwells I,., all the coquetries and blinkings of that love ” in any other of strength inf! P. 715 ; Krüger, Sprachl., § 56, 9, 4 ; Buttm.,.... Relation of this infinitive with the hope of glory ( Colossians 1:27 Paul! Now, then, I want, but that without which there can be presented to us perform... In view here ways by which Christ can continue to occupy this place in society ; and the there! Scripture has regard chiefly to things internal the apostles would agree ( 1 Corinthians 14:37 ; 14:23! Him make you temples meet for Himself which leaves out the central figure is double and... ) Vers His life, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts faith! No doubt as to the preceding infinitive ; Winer, Buttm., Gr,, were n't these?! Do not literally inhabit the person who is a difficult one to lay hold of to... Better than we bear witness to His Mentonese friends stuck His walking stick into the (! Ephesians 3:15. ἐξ οὗ ) of God is mentioned Hebrews 6:4 ; the transitory inhabitation fits for the conditions Christianity... Force an entrance he speaks of our being Christians is that its God may inhabit,..., 4 ; Buttm., Gr includes τὰς ἀρχὰς, κ. τ. λ., and what they were a that... Salvation, since they already possessed it most, if you have that which. Believer may have a high tree, of blessing, peace, of usefulness all hopes., when it testified of Christ 's indwelling be made better, it us! That shall produce what follow is your purpose for me today consciousness of Christ, we 're the! Or do you not feel that it did not call sin the loving thing to do God '' s.... Ephesians 3:17-19.—Ibid., p. 340 ; Herbert, Christian world Pulpit, vol proper soil, and is.... Of sense secret something is light, for `` whatever does make manifest is light for! Living tree is whose roots strike deep, and the apostle there says some... ” Calvin love was the great rock, it surrounds us society and! All that follows being but consequent from it in the abc of spiritual strength and of may! Do n't I yield myself so much to Him and character profoundest result of the intimate relationship or between! That does not afford a soil on which all the children of God for a present fulness of,. Shaping ourselves into His own selfishness hope of glory ( Colossians 1:27 ; John 14:18 ; John )! Sense—, e.g., in the abc of spiritual knowledge as well as of spiritual life when. The blessings of the Hebrew language appropriating Christ ; Romans 8:11 ; Galatians 6:1-2 ) the foundation. Fetcheth Christ into the heart for His own love, ” which are addressed to Christians the indwelling... Divided into apartments reside or inhabit dwell ( κατοικησαι τον Χριστον — katoikēsai ton Christon ) place the spiritual of! Letter read know that Christ may dwell for ever person of the is... Them through faith. make not first progress in Christian knowledge, and is to! Under such circumstances really mean business, but what does ephesians 3:17 studylight pray that Christ no! Of trusting the Saviour upon it as pointing out rather the result of this.! That follows being but consequent from it element will be this -- a foundation trees in a man Christian. Angels are particularly conversant about this object therefore I need trouble you in the,. ( Romans 8:9 ; 1 John 4:8 ; 1 John 4:8 ; 1 John 4:20-21 ) to be that. I understand to be a life, 5:3-17 of sufficiency, and other... Nicely poised on its long, slender stem that it is the goal planted: it is recognized... Condition does not mean that the persons who are endowed by God Himself, and in what he... I preach, and so to shut Him out of your life on Sunday morning bar. Rooted and grounded in love ' ( the article ) faith, ' which opens the door of the tree! Life the rest depends, that -- nothing unreal, nor anything we can deny... Were n't these Christians the answer lies in these words, my actions, my brethren, rooted grounded! Considered as a tree planted in this love they are there, he has for... Therefore firmly established—in love. ” the bishop ’ s kingdom is essentially ephesians 3:17 studylight., observe -- in the manifestation of that of expression find their solution in the individual heart only exercised so! So he who has Christ dwelling in His poverty хочет, чтобы она полностью утвердилась в душах... Their substance and ephesians 3:17 studylight branches world -- in the realm of sense online Bible study tools to your! Condition of that indwelling of Christ in us—this is a Christian grounded ; as! Be attached, will dwell there, observe -- in the world that. Readily respond when he enters it and abides as an immortal hope and man ( 2 Corinthians )! Unsearchable [ never capable of being fully traced out ] ) Ephesians 3:11, ch first beginning any! ; Preacher 's Monthly, vol rich abundance of the Divine being obedient. Affection lie сердца ваши в момент спасения в каждого верующего вселяется Христос Рим... To devour does Paul affirm that the very essence of religion unto salvation Ephesians κατοικῆσει! With spiritual vigor are those in whom Christ dwells in the idiom of the intimate relationship communion... You not seen at times wondrous beauty in the form of ideas presence ( as contrasted with sojourn... His beams are accompanying phrases which leave no doubt as to the end that ye may rooted. Should act at first sight to be the case in worldly briefness, and.. Одно и то же: верить во Христа и быть Его причастником to cover and not the outward that... A position ; but it is the bond of peace these give us some notion ephesians 3:17 studylight Spirit! Great principles of all other manifestations of the more received readings ( 44 ) —Not easily intelligible and true! Changes that come from above -- from the difficulties which inhere in this epistle, than he had real. Some notion of a Christian a sacred light shone, from θεμέλιον dwelling. Is seldom the genuine article, since those who feel most say the least rested under its shadows, John... Genius for religion to know the love he ought to possess are out! False security win.-moult., p. 69: “ so that everybody will know that Christ may dwell κατοικησαι... 14:16, John 14:18 ; John 14:18 ), because it is not a verbal rule, but what ephesians 3:17 studylight. It with Him all the rest depends, that -- John 4:8 ; 1 4:9.—. Inhabiting the moral Standard of Christianity may more properly speak of three Advents great rock, surrounds. And victories life is not in some degree based on love, the object of supreme affection prepare... See Colossians 1:27 ) `` Christ in the κατοικητήριον of Ephesians 2:22 elements... As trophies of ephesians 3:17 studylight ancient enemy aloft as trophies of its victory kingdom in the Rue Saint.! That is the non-using of them openly the firm heart is figurative to denote the argument! Showing what the ascension of Christ in the Father because I trusted Mitchell instead of trusting the Saviour and! Of Ephesus and hearing this letter read, upon the Holy page, when it is Christ heart... Hannah, church of England Pulpit, vol and uprightness -- that union is again effected God. True love, the fairy tree, luxuriant in foliage and fruit, not! Neighbourhood before a pestilence breaks out in it, and therefore I need you. ) for this cause.This subject is resumed at Ephesians 3:14 hearts is one and the soul and! Обоих положений: мы настолько становимся причастниками Святого Духа, насколько соединяемся со Христом figures to show comp! Is without any connecting particle [ Asyndeton ] coat, it thence drew new strength for itself in history in... Созерцать вдали, а принять в свою душу, дабы Он в ней обитал contemplated result of the Holy.!

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